La Petite Alice

La Petite Alice creates linen clothes and accessories for children with beautiful embroideries.

All their linen clothes are entirely handmade in Lithuania from Oeko-Tex certified linen. Every colour/embroidery combination has been carefully chosen in order to present unique pieces for your little ones.

All the garments are made to order and every piece is a work or art. La Petite Alice uses old traditional skills and their small team designs, sews and embroiders each item by hand. Most of the embroidery patterns are made by the Japanese artist Kazuko Aoki.

With the use of high quality linen, La Petite Alice ensures the most delicate touch for your baby’s skin with a very original style. 

Before the items are embroidered, the clothes are being washed with a non-toxic, non-petroleum based, biodegradable laundry soap to ensure a highly soft effect.

Timeless design and the creation of linen clothes to last are at the foundations of their project.