About Us

Babatalco, Natural Clothing and Gifts


After moving to London from Italy, founder Caterina launched Babatalco to realise a dream that had formed over many years in the industry - to create an inclusive space where one could find ethical, natural clothing and gifts for children aged 0-6.

With items sourced throughout Scandinavia, Italy and wider Europe, Babatalco's childrenswear is classic, neutral and genderless. In place of frills and appliques are simple, elegant details - wooden buttons, beautiful knits. You will find muted, calming colours in pastel and earth tones. Children are cosy and comfortable while being effortlessly well presented.

At Babatalco, we offer gorgeous unisex clothing, accessories and wooden toys that you won’t find on the high street. In a world where fast fashion dominates, we believe in taking the time to select quality over quantity. We work with small suppliers, from rare finds in local markets to boutique seamstresses in the lanes of Italy. All products are ethically sourced and manufactured, and are made from natural materials such as alpaca wool and organic cotton. We handpick each item, so you can shop with confidence. 

Whether for your own child, or as a gift to show your love - if you appreciate the beauty of understated, well-made items, our curated collection of clothing and treasures has been designed for you.